Our Vision

A community connected by our nation’s border, united by our shared service, and strengthened by our proud past.

    Our Mission
    • To Care for each others' physical and mental well being; 
    • To create a Community of shared interest;
    • To maintain a proud and active Connection with the CBSA, our membership, and the communities in which we live.

    Our Values
    • Transparencyin governance, policies, communication, and elected executives 

    • Accountability responsible to the membership for our actions 
    • Collaboration – we accomplish more when we work together with our membership and like-minded associations 
    • Respect – culture of diversity, dignity, inclusiveness, mutual respect
    • Care and Compassion – create a sense of belonging and social connection

The CBSA Retirees' Association (CBSA RA) is a national not-for-profit corporation, incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act 2020-07-03.

The CBSA RA provides a vehicle for CBSA retirees to:

  • continue to maintain contact through the Association with other Agency retirees across the country with whom they have worked and have forged lifelong friendships;
  • continue to maintain contact with the Agency, as the Association provides a conduit for accurate and timely information to the CBSA retiree community on developments within the Agency and on retirement issues that concern them. It, in effect, provides a continuum of community and support for employees as they transition into retirement and ensures credible, timely and accurate sharing of information and program changes related to pensions, benefits and opportunities;
  • continue to be an informed and trained resource for the Agency and provide service, on a voluntary basis, to the CBSA in ways such as assisting with recruitment drives, and/or providing mentorship to current employees within the organization in order to ensure the CBSA’s tradition of excellence and shared values is fostered and developed in the next generation of employees and managers;
  • promote and advance the mission, values and work of the CBSA as proud CBSA retirees and members of the CBSA RA;
  • promote the physical, social and economic well-being of the CBSA RA members and their families by providing a sense of community and support to all its members;
  • provide support on a voluntary basis to worthy community services or organizations of a charitable or benevolent nature under the stewardship of the CBSA and the CBSA RA.

The following CBSA RA members are currently volunteering as Directors for the Association until a permanent organizational framework and Executive Committee are adopted by the membership:

Sharon Darlington

retired CBSA Senior Officer

now resides Surrey, BC

Paul Porrior

retired CBSA Director General, National Border Operations Centre

now resides Ottawa, ON

Deb Steele

retired CBSA Manager, Contraband & Intelligence

now resides Ottawa, ON

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