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The CBSA RA is open for membership, on a voluntary basis, to:

  • all employees of the CBSA who retire in, and maintain, good standing from the CBSA;
  • all CBSA employees who are within their last year of employment prior to their confirmed date of retirement from the CBSA;
  • retirees of CBSA legacy organizations that no longer exist;
  • persons who are retired but who were employed at some point in their careers by CBSA or its legacy organizations.  Indicate where/when/what position(s) you occupied and year of retirement.

Acceptance will be granted to those meeting the aforementioned criteria and who make application with payment of nominal dues fee for the first year.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are required to include the details above as well as a full mailing address. This will ensure that we are able to grant your membership and send you a CBSA RA Pin as a gift in recognition of your service and membership in the Association.

Payment of subsequent annual dues by yearly anniversary date of joining will keep a member in good standing for the following year.

Membership is $25 per year, payable by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or Interac e-Transfer.  We are unable to accept cheques; we apologize for any incovenience this may cause.



Through the Members Only login:

  • access to milestones (retirements, significant milestones, etc. from across the country);
  • access to the membership directory which allows members to maintain contact through the Association with other RA Members across the country with whom they have worked and have forged lifelong friendships;

  • access to the Members Only discussion forum;
  • access to resources such as the CBSA RA Survivor’s and Executor’s Guide, as well as links to other websites of interest and use  to RA members and seniors in general;
  • access to the CBSA RA's Travel Section where you'll be able to stay up to date with the latest travel trends, destination highlights, and insider tips, as well as benefit from exclusive travel offers;
  • access to LifeWorks and Homewood Health resources;
  • access to the CBSA RA calendar detailing events and important dates from across the country.

Other Benefits:

  • advance notice of CBSA and CBSA RA events of interest to RA members to enable participation.

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