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Upper Canada Wills is committed to providing you with Peace of Mind knowing that your Last Will and Testament properly provides the bequests to your family in accordance with your wishes. It is equally important that you have Peace of Mind in knowing that with properly drawn Powers of Attorney, decisions to be made for your healthcare and financial needs will be by someone you trust and can depend upon.

Upper Canada Wills will make available names of licensed lawyers across Canada who will take you through the process for your estate documentation every step of the way.

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Upper Canada Wills has graciously offered to donate a royalty back to your CBSA RA for every Will transaction completed.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to secure your legacy at half the cost. Ensure your peace of mind with a professionally crafted estate documentation through Upper Canada Wills.

 ** Members please feel free to share this information with any of your loved ones or former active serving colleagues.**


Survivor’s and Executor’s Guide

The CBSA RA Survivor’s and Executor’s Guide has been compiled by the CBSA Retirees’ Association expressly to provide information to the Association’s retirees and to assist their spouses, families, executor/executrix, and/or lawyers with identifying and managing their affairs should you, the retiree, become incapacitated, and to transition or settle estates following your death. This document is not intended to replace any existing family planning or legal documents.

The document can be easily downloaded to your own device, thus allowing you to update your own details periodically, and to enable you to readily share it electronically with your chosen family members/others. Amendments will appear on the CBSA RA web site periodically, with any changes readily identified.

To be beneficial, this Guide and the companion completed Checklist should be stored in a secure location that is known and easily accessible by the persons of your choosing. It should not be kept with your Last Will and Testament, as often, that document is not revealed or reviewed until sometime post-death; by then it will be too late to honour some of your final wishes.

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