Retirees' Association - Association des retrait√©s

The CBSA RA 2020 Membership Drive

is now underway!

Connected by our nation’s border,

united by our shared service,

and strengthened by our proud past.

Together we are the



Join us in our Mission to:

      • Care for each other's physical and mental well-being
      • create a Community of shared interest
      • maintain a proud and active Connection with the CBSA, our membership, and the communities in which we live



this past year:

Bilingual – we have established the capacity to communicate with all our members and to include material on the website in both Official Languages.

Branding – we have partnered with CBSA RA Member Harry Troche and his daughter Kelly to establish a host of heirloom quality CBSA Retirees' Association identifiers (Badge, Challenge Coin, Patch, and Pin) to reflect our proud service to the CBSA and our Country.

Employee Assistance Program Partnership – we have developed a partnership initiative with the CBSA Employee Assistance Program that permits access to all Homewood Health products via the RA Members-only website.

From Our Members – we share our members’ remembrances and stories of their proud service with the CBSA.

G-mail – we have partnered with Google and G-Suite for Non-Profits to allow us to engage members securely and collaboratively from coast to coast to coast.

In Memoriam – in this new section of the website, we honour and remember those who have left us for their proud service to our border and their country.

Membership Directory – we have established a membership directory to allow members to maintain contact through the Association with other RA Members across the country with whom they have worked and have forged lifelong friendships.

Membership Management Software – we have adopted Wild Apricot, the # 1 rated association membership software platform, to manage every aspect of our Association’s operation; from web site design, to secure online payments, to the Association membership directory, e-mail distribution, and mobile application.

Membership Surveywe have actively sought out your feedback to make improvements to your Association.

National Executive – we have added Paul Porrior (ON) as a National Director, Sharon Darlington (BC) as our National Treasurer and Deb Steele (ON) as our Social Media Administrator to the CBSA RA Executive Team.

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For the Year 


Retiree Assistance Program – we are planning to employ video conferencing platforms to provide our membership with mental health and wellness assistance.

CBSA – CBSA RA Communication Strategy – we are in the process of establishing a formal joint communication strategy with the CBSA to bring you information on the work and innovations within the Agency.

Membership Surveys - we will continue to actively engage members with opportunities to input into building and shaping the Association.

Growing Membership – the RA will continue to encourage the applications of new members, from persons within their final year of employment with CBSA and from current retirees.  

Then look at the gifts we'd like to offer you:

  • the first 50 new members to join the CBSA RA will receive a CBSA Retiree pin (below), compliments of the CBSA RA
  • the first 50 RA members to renew their membership for another full year will receive a CBSA Retiree pin (below), compliments of the CBSA RA

The CBSA Retiree pins are of a very high quality, having been produced by the same manufacturer who made the CBSA RA challenge coin.  The 3/4 inch size is perfect for wearing on a lapel, or mounted on a blue and black "mourning ribbon" (as shown at top of page) for wear at funerals or Peace Officer memorial services and events.

Attention RA Members!

RA Member Harry Troche, designer of the CBSA RA’s branded materials, and his daughter Kelly have generously donated to the 2020 Membership Drive:

        • 1 CBSA retirees badge
        • 1 CBSA RA challenge coin
        • 1 CBSA RA cloth patch (glue backed for heat transferring to ball cap or clothing)
        • 1 CBSA retirees pin with mourning ribbon
        • 1 CBSA retirees pin in velvet presentation box

    The CBSA RA member who is identified on new member applications as referring the most new members during the 2020 Membership Drive will win the opportunity to select THREE of the appreciation gifts listed above.

    The CBSA RA member who is identified on new member applications as referring the second most new members during the 2020 Membership Drive will win the TWO remaining appreciation gifts.

                    Our identity

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