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Member Directory


Allows active CBSA RA members to:

  • see an alphabetical list of other active RA members;
  • use the search tool to search the CBSA RA membership database for active RA members;
  • view active RA member profiles;
  • make contact with each other through the CBSA RA's secure website.

From Our Members


Here you’ll find:

  • reminiscences, anecdotes and facts, as well as updates on life in retirement for our members to share with each other!

  • a Member Discussion Forum for our members to comment and engage the writers and other members about what they read here.



Here you'll find:

  • the CBSA RA Survivor's & Executor's Guide with information designed to assist members with their estate planning and the managing and settling their estates after their passing;
  • The CBSA RA Travel Tips, 3 comprehensive lists of interactive hyperlinks that provide members with reliable information to help plan, enjoy and return home safely from their vacation or business travels;
  • LifeWorks technology-enabled solutions, providing an integrated approach to support mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing in retirement;

  • Homewood Health resources, offering access to personalized health and wellness tools to support a healthy and active retirement;
  • hyperlinks to social media and atom feeds of interest to members;
  • descriptions and hyperlinks to support and advocacy services, as well as to resources of interest that may be of interest and/or helpful to members, and to retirees and seniors in general; and,
  • discounted memberships to GoodLIfe Fitness for CBSA RA Members.

Archived Material


Here you'll find back issues of The Portcullis newsletter as well articles that have previously appeared on our website and in The Portcullis.

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